Office Equipment and Safety

When it comes to working in an office, safety is something that you should always be aware of.  Offices are frequently home to a lot of electronic equipment and sharp objects such as paper cutters, staplers and tacks.  It is important to be prudent when it comes to office safety in order to avoid accidents.

It is important also to have the actual tools for maintenance of electronic equipment such as used oscilloscope or a new one.

Electrical Cords

When it comes to accidents in the workplace, electrical cords are often the culprit.  In order to avoid accidents, there are a few tips that you should adhere to:

§  Do not place electrical cords in high traffic areas where people can trip on them.  If you must place a cord though an area where people walk, then purchase a protective cover that is designed for that purpose and never place cords underneath the floor or carpet.

§  Check all of the electrical cords in the office periodically.  Cords that are broken, damaged or frayed should be replaced or repaired immediately. 

§  Use three-pronged plugs for office equipment that requires grounding. 

§  When unplugging appliances and electronics, never pull the cord.  Always grasp the plug firmly and pull it out of the outlet.

Electrical Outlets

Electrical outlets can also be an office safety hazard, if not handled appropriately.  You should never overload a single outlet with too much office equipment.  Additionally, it is important to put safety covers on all unused outlets to avoid electrocution.  You should always keep electrical outlets and electrical equipment away from water and other liquids.

Paper Shredder Safety

The paper shredder is one of the most common causes of injury in the office.  However, when used properly, according to the instructions, the paper shredder is really quite safe.  The following tips should be adhered to in order to avoid paper shredder accidents:

§  Review the instruction manual and all provided information before operating the shredder.  Follow all safety measures given by the manufacturer.

§  Keep long hair, jewelry and loose clothing away from the opening to the shredder.

§  Do not use the paper shredder to shred anything besides paper.

§  Never force paper into the shredder.  If there is a jam, turn the shredder off before inspecting the shredder to find out what the problem is.

§  Always turn the shredder off before opening or emptying the waste box, cleaning the shredder, or any other non-shredding reason.


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