As augmented reality(AR), virtual reality (VR), mixed reality (MR) game development has become the new trend in the gaming industry. It is common knowledge that nearly 30% of games developers are primarily building their apps without a third party engine. They have either written their own engines, or are building everything from scratch. There are numerous game making tools built by game studios who sometimes customize open source solutions to suit their own internal processes and workflow.

For beginners and game developers, it has been never easier to create gaming tools without the programming language. But nowadays several free game development tools are available online through which developers can create their own games easily and quickly.

1. UNITY – The Champion!

Unity has been incredibly successful. According to some surveys, a half of developers are currently use Unity for some of their projects and 30% has used it as their primary development tools. Unity is more popular with professionals in general and most popular with the Hunters (53% of them) who are trying to earn their living from the app stores.

Unity supports both 2D & 3D game development, which is quite unusual for a game engine. It can be said that Unity was really designed for 3D games with 2D support bolted on afterwards. C#, UnityScript (basically JavaScript with type annotations) and Boo are three official languages supporting this tool. But Boo is not widely used and probably best avoided while the majority of plugins and examples is using C#.

Unity is a great choice, particularly for solo developers who aren’t trying to push the limits of what the platforms can do because of its amazing advantages. First is its very strong community of asset and plugin creators, a lot of free and reasonable priced content available. It supports a wide range of asset formats and converts automatically to optimal formats for the target platform.It supports a very wide range of platforms, mobile, desktop, web and console.

The 3D engine produces high quality results without any complex configuration and there is a free license that covers the majority of features. However, there are few issues reducing awareness of Unity, including the difficulties of collaboration, not-really-great performance and unavailable engine source code.

2. SPLODER – Excellent start for beginner

Anyone can create its own game online only with the help of Sploder and your good imagination. You can build up web-based games by using the combination of toolsets without any programming language.

Sploder is an excellent platform where an individual can create a game of its own choice. It does not have a feature of app monetization as well as the creator will be unable to publish games on the mobile market. Developers and game creators can publish their games on its own website, Facebook or Myspace profile and share the link to other members for ratings and reviews.

3. GAMR MAKER STUDIO - The world’s largest gaming development tool

Similar to Unity, Game maker Studio has applications for both 2D and 3D, including software applications and virtual reality applications. Everything a developer are looking for can be found in this tool. They are real-time analytics, multi-player networking, source control, and extensibility through third-party extensions, as well as built-in editors for animations, images, and shades.

You can game created by this tool on several platforms such as Windows, iOS, Linux and much more without disturbing the code. However, the free version of Game Make Studio is only supported by Windows platforms whereas the paid version supports on several platforms such as HTML5, iOS, and Android. Some of the popular games offered by Game Maker such Murder in Hotel Lisbon (PC), Aces of Luftwaffe (Android) and Spelunky (PC).


Three Gaming Development Tools mentioned above are famous nowadays. All of the above require less programming and a great platform for students, teachers, and developers.