For beginners developing games, it is not easy to buy expensive game arts. Game graphics has played a critical role, bringing the spirit for a game. It would take a lot of time to create or make graphics by yourselves but this time you can use to improve your game. To deal with this problem, we would like to suggest the best free assets on the internet that offer amazing graphic games and it is very easy to download with no member fee.

1. Kenny Game Assets 

 Link:  www.kenney.nl

Studio of game graphics Kenney that produce amazing game assets based in Netherlands. All game assets here have clearly expressed style. Some of them have been made part of the public domain, meaning you can do anything you want with them. Based on game graphics category, you can find the game art you need very quickly. On top of all that, it’s a really beautifully designed site.

2. Open Game Art

Link: https://opengameart.org/

 For free game graphics, this website is always on the top list of game developers. This provides a large collection of all kind of graphics coming with a selection of sounds for game devs to use. It can be browsed according to category and all of the art is clearly displayed. In addition, you can find not only 2D but also 3D elements. The site is constantly being updated with content from its users and is ranked so you can find the most popular graphics of the month or go in search of some lesser used assets.

3. Untamed

Link: Untamed.wild-refuge.net

This site consists of a huge resource of free game graphics for anyone looking to make their own RPG. You can also download image assets free and those images are particularly recommended for 2D game sprites. Clicking on a character you like brings you to a webpage where you can download a .png of the character from all angles, perfect for making your own sprites!


Link: Crateboy.itch.io

You can find both images and sound assets in this site. The best part of this collection is the 8 bit city resource files. Crateboy advertises that there will be enough 16×16 tiles for you to build an entire city and there really are. This is some really great work and all Crateboy asks is that you credit him in your game. If you end up using these tiles a lot he also accepts a ‘pay what you like’ option. The use of color tone in this artwork really makes it stand out from the crowd and could really help to define the look of your project.

5. Open Game Graphics

Link: OpenGameGraphics.com

A large website where all game assets on internet for free can be found. This site is displayed by category and browsed and download is in very fast and easy way. All game assets here are extremely fantastic to be used to create a full game. Moreover, the fresh game assets are usually uploaded.

6. Super Game Asset

Link: www.supergameasset.com

Here you can download graphic sets for RPG games. Mostly icons and tilesets. The quality of works is high.


7. Krasi Wasilev 

Link:  www.freegameassets.blogspot.ru

Blog where the author KRASI WASILEV from Latvia lays out game assets in PNG format. All graphics on the website is free, but you can thank the author using the donate.

8. Gameart2d 

Link: Gameart2d.com

This website is run by Zuhira Alfitra a.k.a pzUH, an Indonesian game developer with a real eye for great game graphics. The majority of the assets on this site are for sale but there is a freebies section where you’ll find more images like those featured above. As well as these sprites, there is also a selection of tilesets, GUI assets and many more assorted images for you to choose from. They’re also completely free.

9. CraftPix 

Link: CraftPix.net

This is a game asset online store, which provides graphics for creating video games. You will find Free and Premium game assets, GUI (graphical user interface), Tilesets (sets of textures and sprites for game levels), Character Sprites (characters in different variations, i.e. running, jumping, etc.), and Game Backgrounds suited to every fancy on their site.

10. Subtle patterns

Link: Subtlepatterns.com

This brings the most beautiful work out of all the websites listed in this article. Atle Mo run this website, also designing and curating patterns for the site. Although you need to provide him with some credit to use the patterns, there is a lot of content on this site and it’s all of a very high standard. These patterns would make great UI backgrounds or could even be used in your game levels.

11. Lost Garden

Link: Lostgarden.com

It is very different when to access this website, the blog of Daniel Cook who is a game designer working for Spry Fox. He usually posts some free game art and great essays on game design. It would definitely be worth a look, if not to gain the insight of an industry professional, then purely for interest’s sake.

12. Sharecg

Link: Sharecg.com

This is a site for artists to upload and share their work. There appear both 2D and 3d art so it is an amazing place if you are looking for some new ideas. The art is licensed under different terms so it’s important to check and make sure it can be used freely before you incorporate it into your games. There’s some really great indie art showcased on this site and you can also find tutorials, audio and software to use.

13. Glitch

Link: Glitchthegame.com


After shutting down in 2012, this website was released for game artwork. Glitch has got over 10,000 assets to download in all amazing quality. If you already like the look of these graphics, you’re in luck as you can download the entire package with one click and peruse them for yourself offline.

14. Mobile Game Graphics

Link: www.mobilegamegraphics.com

A section on the website where you can download the game graphics, available for free. Here you will find the backgrounds, characters and other assets. Just choose the one you like.

15. Dumbanex

Link: Dumbanex.com

Dumbanex.com is well known for really cool artwork. Off course, it is free as long as you give them credit in your game. This brings a huge collection of sprites and tilesets and a lot of them can be downloaded quickly in .zip format. This site is run by Brent Anderson, who works professionally as a freelance game designer and developer. These free game graphics would be perfect for a mobile sidescroller or platformer.

16. Reiner

Link: Reinerstilesets.de


Reiner “Tiles” Prokein, a hobby game developer and game developer, is running this site. He started making graphic by himself and posted here. All graphics are available for free and including both 2D and 3D images as well as some brilliant tutorials.


Now you have all fantastic resources for choosing graphics you want for your games. Just start create the new one. And don’t forget to like, share or retweet if you think one of your friends would be interested in this list too!